“From Waste to Value: How Leaders today Dream of Solving Global Issues”

In a world dominated by the goal to drive profits at all costs, Better Narrative holds promise for a brighter future for both employees and society at large. It is a solid example of how businesses can be both profitable and giving at the same time.

As we take a dive into the making of our purpose, we will consider the decision-making process that brought us to where we are today, the journey that led to the discovery of how plastic waste is being managed, and what it means to set aside all misconceptions of what is and isn’t possible to build a product that defies all logic.

During my narrative story, coaches will also get a glimpse into the mind of leaders who are driven by purpose and who strive every day to make a difference. The ideal coaching conversation is one that asks such leaders to think globally as opposed to locally, and consider sustainable measures of continuity as opposed to limited impacts.

Attendees will hear and realize:

  • Appreciate how finding purpose can lead to better business decisions that have societal impact
  • Uncover for themselves the role that coaching can play in helping leaders through their decision-making process
  • Discover how waste products can be transformed into valuable products for markets, which lead to creating more jobs
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