The Charisma Edge: How to Coach for Influence, Confidence, and Presence

Do you ever coach clients who are struggling to make an impact?  Who are told that they are lacking “something” to succeed further, or who watch other less-skilled people pass them by?   

Based on the concept that charisma is a learnable skill, Ms. Burnham offers immediately usable techniques to help coach executives to look, act, and most importantly feel more powerful and inspiring, while connecting more quickly with important people around them and becoming seen as true, authentic leaders by their organizations.  She describes the neuroscience of confidence, and uses quick, fun exercises to allow participants to experience the full range of their own personal presence. 

In this presentation Cynthia will present for your learning: 

  • Understand the neuroscience of confidence, why charisma is a learnable skill, and why it fairly or unfairly influences success 
  • Discover the “Levers of Charisma” that can be used to develop powerful executive presence that is authentic and aligned to who wants to be as a leader 
  • Gain immediate practical tips about body language, voice, language and attitude to help you become, and coach other to be more confident, influential, and able to connect with important people in an inspiring and authentic way 

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Tuesday, Oct 15
Cynthia Burham, MCEC

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